The Problem with the Ted Cruz Candidacy


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tedcruzA preface, so as not to be swabbed with the unthinking brush

I have nothing against Ted Cruz, and in fact think he is a brilliant lawyer based on what I’ve read about his record. As to his moral character, he seems to be very upright. He says he’s an evangelical Christian, but for the record, I don’t blindly follow anyone simply because they say they are a Christian. What I do know about Cruz is that he has no scandal attached to him and has all appearances of being a good, Christian man. Further, he has stood up for conservative principles while in Washington. I have enormous respect for that.

I’m an evangelical Christian, so I should be a Cruz supporter? Right?

I’m not on fire for Cruz’s candidacy, and to be utterly candid, I not only ponder aspects of life, but I also pray about them as well, and I have no green light from the Almighty to vote for Cruz. In fact, from almost the beginning of the campaign cycle, I have believed Cruz could not win and probably was not the candidate for this election. Not that he can’t be the candidate later, but this is not his time. I said early on (last summer) I believed Donald Trump would win and could be the man to take out the entrenched establishment (and no, I’ve hardly ever watched The Apprentice; maybe seen three episodes several years ago). But for a short while, I did entertain the idea perhaps Trump could make a way for Cruz to win by making the rebellion against the establishment a wave that Cruz could ride. Cruz didn’t seize that opportunity.

Wiser Heads are best to decide?

Some of you who love to think of yourselves as the saner, cooler heads, vehemently disagree with me about Cruz and Trump because honestly you are scared to death of what might happen, e.g., the supreme court nomination could go awry should Trump be elected. I understand it’s not conclusive what Trump will do. Then again, look at what’s happened with electing conservatives. But most important is support of Cruz is support for Hillary Clinton, which will guarantee a poor supreme court pick among other things. And this issuing in of Hillary by a Cruz nomination is the fundamental problem with his candidacy as it stands today.

A vote for Cruz = a vote for Hillary

Whether it’s fair or not, most people who have supported Trump — who does indeed have millions of more votes than Cruz — would perceive Cruz’s nomination as a steal. Cruz supporters can discuss the fine points of how Cruz is not stealing or not cheating all day long, and it won’t matter. To be clear, I don’t believe at all that Ted Cruz is cheating. Let me say that again. I don’t believe Ted Cruz is cheating on the delegate system, or on his wife. He is not a a crook or a cheater in my opinion. I hope this makes it clear what I think. But back to the idea of him winning a nomination.

Winning the Delegate Game, a Pyrrhic Victory

Cruz is working within the rules of the states’ delegate systems. He is doing it brilliantly. There are only two problems. First, most of the delegate systems are biased in favor of the party leaders and not in favor of rank and file party members. The rationale most embraced for this structure is to prevent mob rule. Sometimes that reason works with the regular people (aka the mob — you and me) and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t is when the mob’s plight is unrelieved. I’m thinking of more than the last seven plus years when thinking of the frustration that has been building. People do not like it when their freedoms are taken, or their borders are overrun, or the government runs its hands in their front pockets (TARP) after the mortgage industry has in effect run its hands in their back pockets. They especially don’t like it when they have elected candidates to office in order to stop what’s happening only to find out those candidates are agreeable to the opposition. And you may be saying, “ But, but, Ted Cruz wants to fix those issues.” I don’t doubt that, but when the people see Cruz practically wallowing in the same system which has cheated them (not Cruz cheating them but the system), they will not like whomever is in bed with that.

Please Don’t Do It, Ted

Second (and this is actually first), if he were to win at this delegate game and gain a nomination on the second, third or fourth ballot at the national convention, he would be thwarting the will of the people. That would be true for one reason. He has not received enough votes to justify being the candidate desired by the voters. It doesn’t matter that there are other candidates besides Trump in this race. The simple fact is Cruz has not dominated in receiving votes from the people. Most people voted for someone other than him. He did win some states, but he is still in the minority on votes. And whether Donald Trump or anyone else talks about riots, I’ve heard enough from sane headed people supporting Trump to know they are so supremely unhappy with what the Republican party has done to them, they will withhold their vote for a candidate they feel has not gained adequate support of the voters. Never mind all the talk about the party and not the public selecting a nominee. That won’t matter a bit if Ted Cruz does an end run on the plurality of voters. It will be lost in the din of the angered electorate.

I’m not sure I’m done talking about this

I have thoughts on why Ted Cruz did not resonate with voters even a significant number of evangelicals, but I’ll save it for another post, maybe
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