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I hope that we as a people are not guilty of doing nothing when it comes to holding our government officials to account. Sadly, we’ve been guilty of it for way too long. We have been so free and rich (even if we’re poor by American standards) that we couldn’t be bothered. We no longer have that luxury, and frankly, haven’t had it in a while. But now it’s becoming very apparent.

The bill being proposed to fix our health care system is pretty far reaching. It will allow the government an entry into our lives as we’ve never experienced. Several passages present dangerous precedents when you read the bill, and I hope you will read it or make an attempt. If not, then you might live to regret it.

As for me, you may not know me and may think I’m knee jerking. It doesn’t matter what you think of me, but it does matter what you think of this health care bill, and you won’t truly know what to think if you don’t read it for yourself. I hope you do. The link to it is listed below.

Link to the health care bill being proposed as of this date August 11, 2009:


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any party. I am registered as an independent.