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So I’ve been thinking about Joe Wilson’s shout out at the President’s speech the other night, and given the scolding Obama was unleashing, I think Joe’s comment was appropriate. Okay, so it wasn’t “dignified.” Well, is being dignified always the best way? War is sometimes necessary, and it’s a stretch to call it dignified. We’re in a war if you haven’t noticed. Maybe no shots are being fired, but we’re in a war.

Oh yeah, there are some rules in Congress, but hey, there are some rules in the Constitution as well, and I don’t see a lot of respect for those. To please our “liberal friends” I guess our conservative reps were supposed to sit there very dignified and let Obama mischaracterize the health care reform the Democrats are promoting. But don’t take my word that it was mischaracterized. Read the Bill.

Frankly, my friends, we’ve dignified ourselves right out of a bunch of freedoms. The ugly truth is sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and hang whether or not someone thinks you’re dignified or hip or intellectual. I’m sick of a few people cowing common sense because it’s not always hip or nice or God forbid “intellectual.”