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Well, you might think so considering how some Christians act. They become hushed and smug looking if someone is not observing the appropriate homage to the planet — ala this idea that man really has the ability to save the planet? πŸ˜€ Oh, granted Christians are called to be good stewards of what God has given us, and too often that doesn’t happen as it should — just like lots of other things we’re called to do don’t happen as they should.

But once again a single issue is being elevated to the gold standard for determining good character. If you are not “green” (whatever that means to whomever you’re talking to at the time, and it usually means you should be trying to save the planet), then your Christian character is very questionable and the doubt eclipses almost everything else about you. Oh, you cheat on your spouse but you recycle faithfully? No problem. At least this is the sense I’m getting from a lot of college age and twenty something Christians I know.

I guess I’m old (nix that, I am old), and my old, jaded self sees that dupes are had in every age, and the green movement will produce an abundance. The harvest of green is going to be enormous, and I’m not talking about good little recyclers banking CO2; I’m talkin’ cash. Yep, the green movement may be the biggest cash cow(gasp)since, uh, well, since Bernie Madoff first pitched an investment. I can see it now — those who will be buying up fluorescent bulbs with a superior gleam in their eyes while a cadre of the really superior will be laughing on the way to the bank! LOL! (note to me: hope my kids listened when I told them to buy “green” stocks never mind that fluorescent bulbs may actually do more damage to the environment given the difficulty of their disposal.)

Are we so stupid that we don’t see what’s going on? Uh, yeah, I guess we are since Christians are jumping on this bandwagon so quickly the wheels are threatening to buckle. Are we so desperate that we have to embrace something extra-Biblical to prove we’re good little Christians? Do we have to embrace “saving the planet” to be relevant?

Let’s see. In my lifetime I’ve been told I needed to cater to almost every whim of my husband to be relevant. I’ve been told I needed to be a career woman to be relevant. I’ve been told I needed to be thin to be relevant. I’ve been told I needed to be intellectual to be relevant. I’ve been told I needed to be financially independent to be relevant. I’ve even been told I should be a non-smoker to be relevant, and now I need to be a master recycler too!?

But let me answer what’s really on your mind. Yes, I recycle! Are you happy now? πŸ˜€