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cleaning or baking some sort of masterpiece for Christmas (in my dreams) or listening to my child read. What am I doing? Listening for the phone. I’m such a gadget freak that I have all sorts of ringtones for family and friends, and then there’s the ringtone for those I don’t know (or at least don’t know their numbers). I keep listening for that one to know if I do or don’t have a job. So it rang a few minutes ago, and when I sprinted (uh, moved really fast :D) to pick it up, on the line was a pleasant voice saying: Congratulations, You’ve won either a trip to the Caribbean or… [click]

My husband, God Bless that wonderful man, will actually listen to sales people on the phone and respond politely. I guess I’m not nearly as polite. I used to be (a hundred years ago), but now I guess I’ve gone the way of so many who have had one too many jarring moments and all for what? Someone who pesters people for a living. Maybe I’ll get back my joy of considering someone’s humanity no matter how I’m presented with it. I envy Doug’s ability to remain joyful in the face of even a telemarketer’s call though I used to think he was naive. No, he’s just really nice.

If I’m candid with myself, having time to write this blog of complaint could have been spent listening to some person on the phone who’s just trying to get by — even if sometimes they’re involved in a scam for a living? I would love to be that nice again.