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and she’s probably not coming down.

Lots of mommas around my age (fifty) give or take 30 years or so, are discovering at a head spinning rate the joys of being online — a lot. They get to talk to each other and share pictures and videos and find all sorts of nifty articles about the best way to make banana bread not to mention that great write-up on how to apply for college grants.

Okay, forget those other mommas. This momma is really enjoying the ease of use of services to manipulate my mail, to manipulate my music, to manipulate my pictures, but not, unfortunately, to manipulate my husband. He DOES NOT like the internet although he loves that expensive word processor (laptop) he’s got.

If I could just get him in the cloud with me, then we might be a little closer to heaven. Seriously, I would love it if he would learn to utilize some of the wonderful features available to him on the web. It would be so much easier and take less time for him to communicate via a social media site or even to e-mail more often. But hey, I do appreciate that he calls people and actually writes letters — on paper. He will never stop doing that and part of me is glad. But some things are better left to e-mail.

He’s starting to use Photobucket, so I shouldn’t complain.