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Oh yeah, I was talking about the dynamics of what happens on the web with social media, and how that’s changing the nexus of ideas. If you think it’s boring, then you need to realize that this isn’t about some highbrow professor speaking gobbledygook about something that will never affect you. It’s ultimately about how many acquire truth.

So in that interest I’ve embedded a playlist below of David Weinberger where he broadens the discussion. I hope you will watch. His comments raise very interesting questions, and the most fascinating is how man is changing his frame of reference. Suffice to say that I have lots of thoughts on this, but I’m still thinking about it in terms of scripture, in terms of what I believe to be truth. Thoughts in a later post.

I will make two comments about his comments. First, I agree we’re in a renaissance and I embrace it heartily. Second, I could care less about his political views — at least with regard to this subject.