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Recently, an online friend turned me onto Tommy Emmanuel. And now I can’t stop listening to and looking at this: Certainly, he is a fantastic musician, but it’s the joy he exudes that has me continually fascinated with what he’s doing.

Here’s another one:

I was so moved by his unabashed pleasure in playing, I looked up some background on him and discovered he’s a believer!

And Tommy’s revealed something about how he sees performing, “It’s my job to get out and play the guitar and let God do the rest. Stay out of his way. Just play the guitar and do what you’re meant to do. That’s my job.”

May we all have such humility and joy in our jobs.

One more and a wonderful word from Tommy about playing and living:

That just never gets old.

Tommy will be in Denver sometime in February 2014. Details will be forthcoming on his site.

This one was for you, Bob. 😀